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Brood Jennets miniature donkeys at AB Mini Farm

Miniature Donkeys Brood Jennets

These are images of our Brood Jennets miniature donkeys at AB Mini Ranch.  We are still in the process of updating our new website with new pictures and information, so check back often often for updates.

The miniature donkey brood jennets below are a sample of the quality female donkeys in the AB Mini Ranch miniature donkey breeding program. Our breeding female donkeys have been carefully selected for their conformation, pedigree, bloodline, temperament, color, genetic diversity, and compatibility with our herd sires. We travel throughout the country to personally inspect prospective jennets to ensure they meet our criteria before including them in our breeding program.

There have been many trips to many different places to pick out our herd.  We have carefully chosen our brood jennets based on pedigree, conformation, disposition and color.

Scroll over the image for information or click on the image for a full picture gallery and information

AB Mini Ranch is a miniature donkey ranch in Tennessee. We raise, show and sell miniature donkeys across the United States

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