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Miniature Donkeys For Sale

Take a look at our page and if you find a miniature donkey that catches your eye, we can hold them with a deposit until you’re ready for them. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for something specific, we just might be hiding one!

Miniature donkeys for sale

A&B Minis Skittles

A&B Minis Skittles


D.O.B 8/5/2022

Sire: MGF Hammer Time R939

Dam: Bainbridge’s Merichino Cherry

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A&B Minis Firecracker

A&B Minis Firecracker

Herd Sire Prospect

D.O.B 7/6/21

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Andiamo

Dam: Castlewoods Bella

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If you want to purchase miniature donkeys, please read the information below.

Purchasing a miniature donkey is a live long commitment.  Miniature donkeys have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Additionally, because donkeys are family oriented, they need to be with a companion.  We do not sell single miniature donkey's, unless you need an additional donkey for your donkey family. 

Two miniature donkeys need a minimum approximately 1.5 acres of fenced grazing land and appropriate shelter. 

Most donkeys love human attention, so you mat need more land if you take your donkey for a walk or do other activities, such as training to do obstacle courses or pulling a cart. Donkeys are very intelligent and learn quickly.

Additionally, pet miniature donkeys are a financial commitment. Owners should expect to pay for feed (usually hay), deworming every three months, trimming hooves every three to four months, and routine veterinary care such as yearly vaccinations for rabies, encephalitis viruses, and West Nile virus. Other expenses include dental care, which is advised every two to three years. It is also smart to budget for emergency veterinary care, in case something happens to your donkey.

Our Donkeys: All our miniature donkeys are raised on our farm, registered with the American Donkey and Mule Association, have a recent physical and updated vaccinations from a veterinarian.  They are also chipped. 

For Sale: herd sires, jennets, geldings

Transportation: We can arrange or assist with transportation of your miniature donkeys

Prices: We will quote you a price and payment options once we have all the information

Call: Amanda at 931.247.7710 or Brenda at 931.308.7154.


Online Form: Click Here to complete our online contact form

AB Mini Farm is a miniature donkey farm in Tennessee. We raise, show and sell miniature donkeys across the United States

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